Festivals in Lido di Jesolo

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Although a town with a resort feel, Lido di Jesolo has several fun and cultural festivities features throughout the year. The Lido di Jesolo Festivals are varied in type and time of year. Nearly every month there is some form of special event occurring in the town for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

Exhibition of Mosaics

From early April to the very end of the year, Lido di Jesolo features an exhibition of Mosaics. Various pieces from the local area as well as international finds are on display. Hours do vary according to time of year but admission is free.

Cinebaby Children's Festival

From mid-November to the end of March, Lido di Jesolo puts on a festival for children called Cinebaby. It features films and uplifting stories all geared for those of a young age. The festival takes place at the Teatro A. Vivaldi. Admission is 3 euros per show or an inclusive fee of 20 euros which includes all shows and exhibitions.

New Years Day Concert

For those in Lido di Jesolo over the holidays, the New Years Day concert might be something of interest. The Venetto Philharmonic are frequent performers featuring opera and operetta performances. Admission is usually 5 euros and the even takes place at the Teatro A. Vivaldi.

Lido di Jessolo Jazz Festival

Those visiting during the months of February and March might be lucky enough to catch the Lido di Jesolo Jazz mini-festivals. Typically 3 dates are added during the months of February and March with performances from various international jazz artists. Admission is free and the performances take pace at the A. Vivaldi Auditorium.


Every year Lido di Jesolo celebrates there own version of Carnival just as they do in Brazil. The Italian version is slightly more low key with events appropriate for children as well as adults. Floats and carnival cakes are just the beginning. The festival is free and takes place in the Piazza I. Maggio.

The Venice Open

Lovers of dance with definitely want to book a space at this event. The Venice open is a celebration of dance. It is a competition featuring some of the best ballroom and modern dance exhibitions in the world. The entrance fee is 7 euros with the event taking place during the first week of January. The venue does change from year to year so check with the office of tourism for the most up to date information.


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