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Augusto's Arch, city's first entrance

Augusto's Arch, city's first entrance

Located at the foot of Mt. Emilius (3,559 m.), Aosta is a crossroads for highways from France (through Mont Blanc tunnel) and Switzerland (through Gran San Bernardo tunnel). The town was founded by the Romans in 25 BC. on a previous Salasso tribal settlement, with the name of Augusta Praetoria. In its long history it changed hands often and was ruled by the Goths, Lombards and Franks, until it came une Savoy rule in the 11th century.

The most impressive sights in town are from the Roman period: the rectangular town walls, the Porta Praetoria, the amphitheatre, theatre and Arco di Augusto. Medieval remains are the Lebbroso and Bramafam towers, as well as the Collegiate church of Sant'Orso with cloister and treasures. The cathedral (11th and 15th century) has a neoclassical fa├žade, as has the Palazzo del Municipio (Town Hall) which overlooks Piazza Chanoux.

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