Museo delle Grandi Macchine di Leonardo da Vinci di Firenze e San Gimignano

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The exhibition "the Genius of Leonardo" displays approx. 40 models of civil, military and flying "functioning machines", reproduce exactly as drawn in the Leonardesque Codices (Atlantic Codex, Hammer, Madrid, Trivultian Codex). The machines - made of wood, metal and textiles, in reduced or full scale - have been reconstructed by WMA with the collaboration of skilled craftsmen. What mostly attracts the public, and makes this exhibition unique in its Kind, is the fact that is the machines, seeing them in function. About 40 explanatory texts (one for each machines), the precious copies of Leonardesque Codices published by "Giunti", wooden sculptures, various artistic objects and 4 PCs are fully available to the exhibition, which will be permanently on display in Florence and in San Gimignano. "Knowledge is the child of experience" - Leonardo used to say. To experience by touching, using and testing is the most effective and direct way to aquire certain knowledge. "The Genius of Leonardo" is a great apportunity to put this teaching into practice; it is the ideal place for school children and students of all ages; it is the "lab" of curiosity first and direct experientation later. The inevitable result is a higer form of experience that students cannot miss.
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address:Via Dei Servi, 66r Firenze
tel:+39 (0)55 282966

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