Agricampeggio "Il Casale"

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farmer's machines and cattle

farmer's machines and cattle


There is a severe lack of camping grounds in the region SE of Siena in the direction of Montalcino > S.Quírico d'Órcia > Pienza > Montepulciano > Chianciano terme > Chiusi.

However, either from Pienza or Montepulciano you can head to "Podere il Casale", 53026 Pienza, which is located in the heart of the Orcia Valley near Pienza (SI). It lies on high ground with a beautiful round view all over the valley.

This "Azienda Biologica" is run by a friendly farmer's family with free running animals as well as a small lake full of fish and other water animals.

Your first impression when entering the domain may be misleading: Two or three a bit shabby old caravans welcome you on the first part of the path leading to the main building... don't go back!! it's temporarily accomodation for seasonal workers only... you won't regret what you'll be finding at the end of the path!!

The farm is "Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica" associated and ranked 7 out of 10. For how to reach this domain, check detailed description on the website. HollandTraveler had a very pleasant stay here… Dinner, in the farmer’s house as part of the family, was perfect. Affordable pricing. Recommended.

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