Montecatini Terme Travel Guide

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Hotel Tuscany Inn

Hotel Tuscany Inn

There is a beautiful town in Tuscany known as Montecatini Terme, and it is well known for the mineral water springs that naturally rise out of the ground. These natural springs are said to have healing properties for people who suffer from various ailments. Here's a Montecatini Terme Travel Guide that features some of the more interesting and exciting facts about the city.

Historical Locations

Walk the town's main street of Viale Verdi and learn about the significant history it has to offer. Visit the Hamlet of Montecatini Alto, the ancient castles, churches and towers upon an enchanting hill. Next go to Piazza Giusti, an ancient sanctuary with its original stone flooring and noble coat of arms. There is also The Parlascio, a historic site of public markets and assemblies, the town center's historic fountains, as well as the Roman Church of Saint Peter with its gorgeous paintings spanning through several historical ages.

Spa Locations

Since Montecatini Terme has an abundance of thermal springs in and around the town, the locals have used this to their advantage and created several spas to choose from and incorporate vacation itineraries. Tettuccio Terme is the most famous spa location in town and can be found on the main street, Viale Verdi. It was built in the latter part of the 18th century by Leopold of Hasburg, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. He also had two other spas built, the Regina and the Leopoldine, and the three spas made this area famous all over Europe, boasting their obvious riches and royalty. There is also the Grotto of Monsummano, a series of lime caves with a steaming lake and hot rooms that are said to cure people who enter.

Hotel Accommodations

There are several hotels in Montecatini Terme, including Hotel Mediterraneo, Grand Hotel Tettuccio and Grand Hotel Croce di Malta in the heart of the town. A few miles away you will also find Hotel Tuscany Inn Montecatini Terme, and Residence Charme Hotel, which offer four star accommodations as well as beautiful Art Nouveau spas.

Area Dining

You'll find many dining options in Montecatini Terme and listed are some typical Italian dishes you'll experience: Fagioli all'Uccelletto, Fegatelli nel Lardo, BaccalĂ  alla Livornese, Pasta e Ceci, Farro soup, Pappa al Pomodoro and Pasta e Fagioli. Popular desserts: "Cialde," a biscuit made with just almonds and sugar into thin wafers and tastes like quality ice cream wafers; Castagnaccio, Necci con ricotta, Brigidini, Buccellato and Cantuccini.

Montecatini Terme is a city of 21.000 inhabitants able to accommodate every year at least 2.000.000 tourists many of whom register with the renown health spas. The city has 230 hotels capable of housing these numbers. Special accommodations are available for meetings, special events, symposiums and conventions. A golf course (18 holes, par 72) is located only 9 Km from Montecatini T., tennis courts, trekking and mountain bike routes, hiking trials, trapshooting, riding schools, a soccer stadium, horse racing... At your leisure, by car or from the two train stations, you can quickly reach the art-cities of Tuscany: Firenze (48 Km), Siena (80 Km), Pisa (62 Km), Pistoia (15 Km), Lucca (29 Km). - Time Zone: GMT+1 (Summer +2)


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