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Lilia Rangel

Lucca, the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini is a lovely walled city. Its thick swathe of Renaissance walls, the almost entirely medieval street plan, its palaces and houses make Lucca one of my favorite cities in Italy. The most enjoyable way to get your bearings is to follow the path around the top of the walls - or even better, to rent a bike and cycle around. Lucca can be easily explored on foot (or bike), entering the medieval streets, walking along ancient house facades and doing some shoppings in one of the small and lovely shops in and around Via Fillungo makes you feel just fine.

If you are interested in religious art, enter the 14th-century cathedral Duomo San Martino to see Nicola Pisano’s Descent From the Cross or have a look at the multi-patterned columns at "San Michele", the church of the archangel. Climbing up the Guinigi Tower, where an old oak tree grows on top is even as romantic as entering the Piazza Anfiteatro, the ancient amphitheatre, with its marvellous facades and balconies.

Lucca is famous for its olive oil and has become a favorite spot for artists and writers. Although you can see Lucca in half a day as a day trip from either Pisa of Florence you may want to linger to soak in its tranquil atmosphere and enjoy the many fine restaurants. In July you can enjoy pop cncerts in the open air at Lucca Summer Festival (some names of recent years: Eric Clapton, Elton John, Oasis, Paul SImon, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Macy Gray, Pink, Dido). Every August Lucca hosts the Puccini Music Festival. If you have some time left, try to visit a few of the villas of lucca.


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