Top 5 Must Do's in Trentino Alto Adige

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1. Earthen Pyramids at Segonzano in the Val di Cembra

A small valley next to Trento takes you to a height of 900m, with rolling hills, lakes, and rich greenery. The valley boasts some of the most ideal fertile soils for wine growing, as well as the earth pyramids, created by natural erosion over the course of thousands of years. Along the path through the earth pyramids there are some commemorative stones with the inscription AD to the remind visitors of the route that was followed by Albrecht Durer, the famous German painter who passed through the valley in 1494. 

2. A Visit to Merano

Also known as the "City of Flowers", Merano is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, some of which reach 10,000 feet. The city sits in a lush valley around 1000 feet, and some refer to it as "the Italian Shangri-La". The area offers cross country trails, excellent hiking trails, world renowned food and wine, streets that are free of cars, and exquisite landscaping. Don't miss the lovely outdoor market in the Piazza del Grano.

3. Bressanone/Brixen

Is Alto Adige's oldest city, and here you will be rewarded with medieval bridges, colorfully painted houses, spotless arcades, and the 13th -14th century Domplatz Cathedral. Walk through the the charming Via dei Portici, lined with medieval arcades, home to many boutique shops. In the picturesque suburb of Gries, you can take an old cable car from Via Renon to Soprabolzano to explore the earthen pyramids.

4. Explore the Castles

Dotted along the countryside you are able to take in the remarkably well preserved castles of the area. Castel Tirolo was built in the 12th century, and quickly became the symbol of the surrounding region. It was the residence of the Counts of Tyrol until 1363, when the last surviving heir handed over all her possessions to the Habsburgs. The castle now houses a great museum, and beautifully restored and manicured grounds. Castel Roncolo was built in 1237, and was completely destroyed 40 years later. After being lovingly restored by new owners, the city of Bolzano donated it to the Emperor Franz Joseph. On the walls are some of the finest examples of medieval fresco painting. There are many more remarkable castles to be explored in the region.

5. Dolomites Superski Pass

The Dolomites, or better known as the rocky Alps of Alto Adige, are some of the most dramatic  mountains in Europe. There are numerous ski resorts, and no less than 18 peaks rising above 10000 feet. The mountains are formed by dolomitic limestone, which turn pink at sunrise and flaming red at sunset. The Superski pass, offers skiers the world's most extensive ski pass, granting access to some 650 miles of groomed runs and 464 lifts leading to and from forty separate facilities. A skilled skier can see four of the world's most spectacular mountain passes here - Sella, Pordoi, Livignalongo, and Badia - in one day. The Superski Pass is available for the bargain price of $50 per day!

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