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Sorrento Ocean View

Sorrento Ocean View

Raymond Longaray

Sorrento is a pretty and lively town set in the bay of Naples in view of Mount Vesuvius. Plenty to do and see in this lovely town from the bustling alley way shops of the drains to to peaceful parks. Just sitting and watching the boat traffic from the busy marina or sampling the local limoncello. The historical sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are an easy train ride from the central station. Local bus service takes you to any parts you wish to visit or you can just walk to any of the places in the town without too much effort. One word of warning, the traffic can be very busy and the scooter riders have a highway code all of their own. Great fun to watch though!

There are major roads from Naples to Sorrento. However if you take the 'must see' Amalfi tour, the roads are narrow and winding, plus traffic can be heavy and congested through the towns. An organized trip is a safe option and there are some amazing sights to see.


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