Top 5 Must Do's in Palermo

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Palermo is a bright palette that has many colors to offer, including art, culture and history for heritage lovers. It also has some amazing beaches, night clubs and markets for tourists. While you are experiencing and absorbing the local flavor, there are some things at Palermo that just cannot be missed to be able to get a wholesome experience. The Palermo must do’s guide lists the top 5 things that have to enjoyed when you’re in this Italian town.

Piazza Verdi Palermo

While in Italy, do as the Italians do! Palermo follows the Italian culture when it comes to piazzas. So while you’re at Piazza Verdi Palermo, all you have to do is sit around, talk and have fun lazing away. You can grab a bite at one of the pizza parlors to the north of the square or you can also visit some of the night clubs there; they’re usually crowded with tourists.

Mondello Lido

Mondello Lido is Palermo’s closest and most preferred beach. Situated only ten miles from the city, Mondello is a crowded beach with beautiful soft golden sand and some awesome waves. Don’t forget to try windsurfing while you’re there. If you’re in Palermo during May, make sure you don’t miss the windsurfing competition.

Antica Foccaceria San Francesco

You can’t claim to have been to Palermo without having the pizza here, so try one from any of the Italian pizzerias in Palermo. Antica Foccaceria San Francesco was started in the early 18th century and till date it continues to be one of the best pizzerias in town. There are several other outlets that serve awesome pizzas, but this one is a must- visit.

International Marionettes Museum

The international marionettes museum has a vast collection of over 3000 different puppets and marionettes; one of the best collections all across the globe. If you’re lucky, you might actually see one of them come to life during your visit.

Catacombs of the Capuchins

The Catacombs of the Capuchins are the one thing you simply cannot afford to miss at any cost. These are really spooky and yet very interesting to see; the catacombs are an underground collection of mummies. There approximately 8000 of them, all resting in the same underground vault. Even though this can be a very absorbing experience, it’s not advisable for children as most of the passages are narrow and dark. 

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