Shopping in Palermo

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Going on a Palermo Shopping excursion is considered quite the adventure. Going around to all of the various shopping places, you will get to see the whole city, plus you can find just about anything you are looking from local crafts for souvenirs to high-end retail shops or boutiques.

Via della Liberta

This area is considered the best shopping in all of Palermo; it is located north of the city. Inside the neighborhood, you will be treated to numerous boutiques and shops that sell clothing and local handmade crafts. Even if you don’t buy anything, window-shopping in this district is definitely something to try. One shop you must visit is Muschio e Miele.

La Vucciria

This market is the best-known market in Palermo; it is located along the streets of Piazza San Domenico. Inside the market you will see mountains of food, ranging from fresh fish to fresh produce, and everything that you see here is harvested and caught locally. The best time to visit the market is before 10 a.m. because that is when it is busiest, but if you come after 2 p.m. everybody will be gone.

Mercato di Capo

Mercato di Capo is another local market that offers you a great shopping experience. Mercato di Capo is located around Chiesa di Sant’Agostino. In addition to the stalls that are selling fresh produce and fish, you will find numerous clothing stalls. Be warned though that the clothes sold in these stalls are rather poorly made, which is why they are so cheap. The most active part of the market is around Piazza Beati Paoli, so make sure you get at least that far when you stop in.

Via Principe di Belmonte

If you are looking for boutiques and small shops, this area should be high on your list. Via Principe di Belmonte is a thoroughfare for pedestrians--no cars allowed--where you will find numerous small shops and boutiques that sell handmade local crafts, high-end clothing and much more. Cafes also line the thoroughfare, so stop in and grab a cup of tea in between stores.


This local market can be found in the Albergheria district, and it mainly focuses on food. This is a great market to stroll through around lunchtime because you can sample a variety of foods from the different vendors. The foods that you must try as you are strolling through the market are the boiled octopus and the calzone. Don’t forget to pick up some trinkets to bring home with you, such as seasoning packets and cookbooks.


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