Museums in Palermo

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Palermo has a wide range of museums that will appeal to the diverse tastes of the many travelers that visit Palermo every year. Here is a short guide to some of the unique museum offerings that can be found in Palermo which tell the story of Sicily and beyond.

International Marionettes Museum

Exactly what it sounds like, a museum about puppets! Opened in 1975 to help preserve the folk traditions of the region, this museum has grown to cover a vast spectrum of objects in the world of puppetry and oral folk traditions. Located near the Palazzo Fatta on the Piazza Marina and open from 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 18:30 Monday - Friday. Adults get in for 5 Euros and children under 12 for 3 Euros.

Regional Archeological Museum

Located in the city center of Palermo, this museum used to be home to Philippine monks (Fillipini) this museum focuses on artifacts from prehistoric times to the Roman empire. The museum is spread over several buildings and focuses primarily on the region and historical events that happened in the region. Located on Piazza Olivella and open Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-18:15 and Sunday 9:00-13:00. Adult admission is 4.50 Euros and children are 2 Euros.

Museum of Islam

Chronicling the history of Islam in the region, this museum is located in the historic Castello della Zisa which itself is also worth a visit. The museum has many artifacts related to several different periods of history of the Muslim empire in the area and focuses on the Byzantine era. The castle and museum are located on the Piazza Guglielmo il Buono.

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