Festivals in Palermo

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Palermo is known for its history, religious celebration, and food, so it's no surprise Palermo festivals focus on these areas.


Like many other cities, Palermo hosts its own Carnivale celebration in nearby Termini Imarese. Parades and paper mache decorations are featured during the festival.


The annual wine festival is held in mid-May of each year at the Villa Boscogrande. Over 450 types of wine are featured, and lessons are given about wine tasting techniques. The Villa Boscogrande is a 17th century castle which used to house Palermo nobility.

Festival on the Beach

Held on Mondello Beach, the Palermo Festival on the Beach celebrates summer sports such as parasailing, volleyball, and sailing. The festival is best known for its windsurfing competition, which draws competitors from around the world. There are also musical performances during the festival. The Festival on the Beach is held in mid-May each year.

An international music festival, distance swim, fencing competition and photo contest are held in October.

Verdura Festival

The Verdura Festival is held in June and July and costs up to 35 euros. It features all types of music with a variety of popular headliners each year. The Palermo festival is held at the Teatro Massimo, the largest theater in Italy.

Santa Rosalia Festival

The festival dedicated to Palermo's patron saint has been held for over 400 years. Saint Rosalia is credited with having saved Palermo from plague in the early 17th century. The festival is held in July and includes parades, fireworks, and musical performances.

Other tributes to the city's patron saints are held throughout the year. These include the Feast of San Giuseppe in March, the Festa Madonna della Catena in August, and the Feast of St. Nicola in December. These 3 feasts feature baked products or breads as part of the celebrations.

All Saints' Day, or Tutti Santi, is a national holiday in Sicily and features the local children who parade through the town. Tutti Santi is held in November.

Festival Morgana

A unique Palermo Festival is the Festival Morgana, which features puppet and theater performances. It is organized by the International Puppet Museum and is held in November each year.

Other Festivals

The Byzantine Epiphany celebration is held at Martorana Church in January each year. Easter Week includes several dozen celebrations and parades throughout Palermo.

During the summer months, the Palermo Estate is open to visitors with a rotating series of performances and celebrations.

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