Cruises in Palermo

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When traveling to Sicily's capital city, Palermo, you'll find that the city sits right on a natural harbor in the Mediterranean. There are several cruise lines that offer wondrous trips in and around Palermo, some ranging from just a few days, and others lasting 3 to 4 weeks or more. Many locals and visitors say it is a must to spend time on any one of these Palermo Cruises listed, as all of them are the type you must see and experience to believe.

Silversea, Silver Spirit Cruises
Be whisked away for 7 days/nights on this classic cruise, beginning in Monte Carlo and then traveling through Portofino, Livorno, Corsica, Palermo, Capri and Civitavecchia.

Sea Cloud Cruises

This is an 8-day Mediterranean cruise starting off in beautiful Valletta and stopping in different parts of Sicily, including Trapani, Palermo, Lipari and Syracuse.

A longer Sea Cloud cruise available is the 11-day Mediterranean trip from Valletta to Nice, sailing in August. The voyage starts in Valletta, then moves on to Sicily and the cities of Trapani and Palermo. You'll then cruise through Sardinia and the cities of Cagliari and Olbia, concluding in Bonifacio, Corsica, St. Tropez and Nice.

Oceania Cruises

If you're looking to travel a little farther, try the 12-day/night cruise on the Oceania Marina. It sails in October from Civitavecchia, Italy, and stops in the cities of Livorno, Corsica, Sardinia, La Goulette, Palermo and Valletta. You'll then cruise the Mediterranean for a time until you stop in the Greek cities of Piraeus and Volos; your last stops will be Kusadasi and Istanbul, Turkey.

MV Aegean Odyssey Cruise, the Voyage to Antiquity
This is a 16-day cruise starting in historical Pompeii, with a variety of stops including Palermo, the Aeolian Islands, Amalfi, Segesta, Vesuvius, Magna Graecia, Venice, Etna and Stromboli, Split and the Palace of Diocletian. This cruise happens in June, August and October.
Swan Hellenic Cruise
Travel the Mediterranean and Red Seas on this 30-day/night luxury cruise, which sails in November. You'll begin your trip in Valletta and then stop in Palermo, Tunis, and Sousse; you'll then cruise on through Tripoli, Al Khums, and the Gulf of Sirte around Libya. You'll even make stops in Alexandria, Egypt, The Suez Canal before venturing into the infamous Red Sea near the Indian Ocean. In total, this cruise makes approximately 20 stops throughout your 30-day voyage.

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