Beaches in Palermo

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Palermo beaches are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. Palermo is the capital of Sicily which is located in southern Italy. It is a cultural and economic hub. Tourists flock to Palermo every year to enjoy the variety of attractions in the area. The Mediterranean climate makes this a good destination all year round. The warm weather is perfect for spending long days on the beach and Palermo gets about 2530 hours of sunshine annually. Italy is famous for its cuisine and Palermo is no exception. There are many lively restaurants where you can enjoy a meal after a day at the beach.


Mondello is a large beach situated 8 km from Palermo city on the western side. Its close proximity makes it easy to access. It can be reached by driving or, alternatively, if you have not hired a car you can get there by bus. Beaches of white sand stretch for miles alongside the clear blue ocean. Along the beaches there are coves which offer privacy and a place to explore. Some of the beaches have looming cliffs as their backdrops. Promenades provide a place to go for a stroll while taking in the scenery. Near the beach is a central square where a variety of refreshments can be bought. Try some of the delicious ice creams which come in a variety of flavors and sizes. There are also bars to enjoy a refreshing drink after a day on the beach. This beach is busy during summer and holidays as it is frequented by locals and tourists. The most crowds are experienced during July and August. The beach maintains its natural beauty while providing visitors with necessary modern facilities. There are chairs, umbrellas and rescue services at this beach. Close by you can see Monte Pellegrino and Utveggio Castle.


This beach is developed and is situated in the city in Addaura. This beach is less crowded than Mondello. There are chairs, umbrellas and rescue services available.

Pollina Beach

Pollina beach is located 85 km from Palermo and it is just over an hour's drive from the city. This area is rich in history and has undergone recent development due to interest from tourists.  There is a rocky outcrop 730 meters high which boasts breathtaking views of the coast. The water at this beach is clear and the beach is clean.
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