7 Day Itinerary in Palermo

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Palermo is an alluring concoction of everything charming and beautiful. It is the perfect blend of art, culture and history put together in the enchanting land of Sicily. Palermo is the place to find all that’s fun and captivating. There are churches, museums and palaces to keep you engrossed if you’re an art lover. But if you’re looking for something more perky and upbeat, there are several beaches, outdoor markets and squares to meet your intensity! Since the city has so much more to offer, make sure you soak up every bit of it while you’re there. The Palermo itinerary guide offers visitors a well-planned 7 day itinerary to enjoy their trip to this Sicilian hotspot.

Day One: Start with the Basics

One of the major attractions of Palermo, where tourists can spend an entire day is the ‘Museo Internazionale delle Marionette’ or in other words the International Puppet Museum. There are over 3000 artifacts in the museum, some as old as the city itself. Make the Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna Empedocle Restivo your next halt. The modern art gallery, located at Via Turati 10, displays traces of the region's modern artistic genius.

Day Two: Heritage Walk

Over the past few centuries, Sicily has been invaded quite a few times. As a result, the city is covered with beautiful works of art everywhere. You can see a dash of Arab architecture, as well as some work of the Normans. Start with the Cattedrale di Palermo, a 12th century cathedral featuring the Royal tombs and a collection of valuable monarchial memorabilia. Next, head to Palazzo dei Mormanni and Capella Palatina-a popular 12th century Arab- Norman Castle. La Zisa, with its stunning arches and “fountain room” is also worth visiting. Tourists can take a walk around the old piazzas to view masterpieces of ancient art, architecture and a few quaint homes.

Day Three: Check out the nightlife

If you’re already tired of walking around and taking pictures, you can rest for the day and grab a coffee from any of the popular non alcoholic bars like Au Domino & the American Bar. At night you can go to any of the famous clubs in town, Tonnara Florio or the Kursaal Kalesa Club are the best ones.

Day Four: Take a Hike

You can go for a half day or a full day excursion (depending on your stamina and patience) in the city. Monreale and Santuariodi Santa Rosalia are splendid for a half day trek. On the other hand, Erice, Ustica and Cefalù are a little farther away and are great for a one day trek. They’re all spectacular and will aptly reward you for your effort and patience.

Day Five: Artistic touch

If you’re into theater plays and opera music, then Palermo can't disappoint you. Check out the Teatro Massimo and Teatro Lelio-both feature very nifty performers and the art bug inside you is sure to love them. Museo Etnografico Pitre is an interesting museum founded by the legendary scholar and folklorist Giuseppe Pitre. The attraction houses a treasure of innumerable costumes, tools, signboards, sacred objects, cribs and a whole lot of other folk and cultural items.

Day Six: Soak up some sun

Mondello Lido is the closest beach to Palermo and is forever buzzing with excitement. It wasn’t always a beach, but more of a bayside promenade that eventually became a beach-like attraction with the increasing number of tourists.

Day Seven: Shopaholic?

You wouldn’t want to miss shopping at the fun free markets and road carts here. Two of the best places to visit for a shopping spree are the Vucciria Market and Via Libertà.

Stick to this itinerary and you will be able to enjoy all that Palermo has to offer and that too without compromising on relaxation, which after all is what a real trip is all about!

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