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Tetti di Caltagirone

Tetti di Caltagirone


Caltagirone , in the province of Catania, is a city of some 39,000 inhabitants. To 68 km from Catania, the city dominate the "piana di Catania" and Gela.
It is a ground rich of argil, and it is famous in all the world for its pottery!

The main axis of Caltagirone is the long "via Roma" leading to the Stairway of Santa Maria del Monte, with its 142-step, built from 1608 in the old part of the town.
Every step is decorated with different hand-decorated ceramics, using styles and figures derived from the millennial tradition of pottery making.
This long flight of steps connects the old city, the seat of the religious authority, and the new one, where most public offices are located.
On either side of this axis lie the two old quarters of San Giorgio and San Giacomo, characterized by narrow streets and concealing fine, mostly religious, buildings.


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