Lipari Travel Guide

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The Aeolian archipelago comprises some seventeen islands, but only seven of them are inhabited. The island group, also better known as the Lipari islands, are located north-east of the Sicilian coast and can be reached by ferry from Sicily.

Lipari is the main island, and generally offers the best accommodations and has a few superb (though black) beaches. If you're feeling energetic, hike to the top of Mount Sant'Angelo.

The islands have a strong vulcano character and it is possible to visit the still active Cran Cratere on the island of Vulcano, finished off with sulpher smells and hot mud baths, of course.

Stromboli is a bit rougher but offers some impressive sights of the red-hot lava glowing volcano as well. Make sure you get a guide, because although a lot of people try to make the trip on their own, it remains a dangerous business. The vulcano erupts round and about every hour. Alicudi and Filicudi are the two other popular islands and offer all the other ingredients for a promising holiday: rugged mountains, coloured rock formations, black beaches, crystal clear blue seas and rare vegetation.

Most official resident left the islands because there was hardly any means of making a living and the storms (if not the volcanoes) can be devastating.


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