Sights in Sardinia

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The island of Sardinia offers several sites for visitors to gaze upon. The beautiful landscapes, the ocean views, as well as the many historical ruins offer many points to tantalize one's eye. The Sardinia Sites are plentiful especially for such a small place.

The Ruins of Barumini

For historians and and lovers of ancient architecture, the Ruins of Barumini are a must see. From the capital, Cagliari the ruins are best reached by car. In fact only 1 bus per day travels to the ruins and it is slow moving. The Ruins of Barumini are breath taking and on the same level as those of Greece, Rome and ancient Egypt.

An Andrea Jensen Boat Tour

Sardinia has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and one of the best ways to view it is to take a ride on the Andrea Jensen. The Andrea Jensen tour offers a ride around the coast and a visit to the marine reserve. During the tour, the boat is anchored in the beautiful, crystal clear waters so the guests can take advantage of swimming and snorkeling. Dolphins make appearances so keep your eyes peeled. Lunch is provided on the tour which makes a perfect, relaxing day out.

Costa Verde

The Costa Verde offers some of the most stunning landscapes in all of Europe. It is known as the silent coast due to the highly secluded beaches. The Costa Verde is decorated nicely with old 19th century mansions that were built by rich, entrepreneurs of the time.

Neptune's Grotto

This is a marine cave consisting of more than 600 steps. The journey is more than worth it as you pass through some unique rock formations and long winding passages. Stalagmites and stalactite's pop up offering some great sites and scenery.

Poetto Beach

The perfect beach day for children. Poetto beach is located just outside the city of Cagliari. It takes a 10 minute bus ride to get there and costs only a euro. Poetto is a sandy beach with shallow and very swimable waters perfectly safe for small children.

Giara di Gesturi

The Giara di Gesturi is an ancient plateau that dates back to the 13th century. However the main attraction is the wild horses that still live on the plateau. These are the last remaining wild horses in western Europe.

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