Senior Travel in Sardinia

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For such a small place, Sardinia, Italy has much to offer. There is an endless supply of historical sites and structures to visit, scenic walks and hikes as well as resort communities for those that simply wish to relax by the seaside. Sardinia appeals to all age groups with Sardinia Senior Travel ranking as some of the best in the world.

Public Health

Health and safety issues are a concern for all age groups but seniors take a keen interest. In terms of health, Sardinia is a very safe country. There are no public health problems, the water is safe to drink and there are several restaurants that cater to the tourists trade, so special meals for certain types of diets will not be a problem. Small local establishments are also, on the whole, perfectly safe to visit.

Access to Medical Care

There are hospitals in every major town in Sardinia. They are well equipped with highly trained medical teams and equipment. All hospitals have emergency wards in case someone should become suddenly ill or have an accident. All airports and train stations in Sardinia have a stand by emergency medical team available.


It is always a good idea to take an adequate supply of any medication you may need. However, should your supply run out, or should you lose it, every town and resort in Sardinia has its own pharmacy. Although most operate during regular business hours, Italian law requires a certain number to stay open 24 hours so people have access to medication. This is done on a rotating basis. The local pharmacy should place a sign indicating where the nearest 24 hour pharmacy is located.

Health Cover

Italy runs a national health care service which is of good quality. EU citizens traveling to Sardinia need to take their EU health card or some other form of ID to be able to use the free system. Those traveling to Sardinia from non-EU countries need to make sure they have adequate health cover. You will not be turned away, especially in an emergency, but they do have the right to charge you for their services. With health cover, you can reclaim the costs when you arrive home.

Helpful Phone Numbers

The number for the ambulance service in Sardinia is 118. There is also a 24 hour tourist medical service number at 39-55-475-411.



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