Top 5 Must Do's in Olbia

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Sardinia is well known for its mysterious ruins, archaeological sites, and incredible natural, coastal landscapes. Obviously, when visiting the coastal city of Olbia, it's necessary to see some of these fantastic, ancient sites in the area for yourself. From the Grave of the Giants to the megolithic Nuragic complex in Cabu Abbas, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be stunned and facinated with every place you see, and to add to the magic even more, the landscapes and seascapes in and around Olbia are colorful and gorgeous.

1. The Nuraghe of Cabu Abbas

Constructed on a rocky outcrop, this is probably Olbia's most famous landmark. This huge monument consists of a thick town wall with northern and southern entrances winding its way to the top of the outcrop which juts out over the Gulf of Olbia. At the top, is a rounded, single tower nuraghe. The stones from which the tower was made weigh up to several tons and are not supported by anything but their own weight. This archaeological find is one of the most impressive that you can see in the town. 

2. The Island of Tavolara

To relax a little from the busy days and buzzing nightlife of Olbia, head over to the relaxing little Island of Tavolara. There is only a small community of residents, a restaurant open during certain seasons, and a tiny cemetery. If you're a fan of scuba diving, you have even more of a reason to go, as the water around the island is deep and clear making it easy to observe the colorful fish and underwater corals. The island is also known for its natural rock formations.

3. The Basilica of San Simplicio

Being the most famous, oldest, and most ornate basilica in Olbia, San Simplicio is a must-visit for anyone traveling to the town. Its ruined frescos and distinctive architecture similar to that found in Tuscany, will transport you to a time long past. Constructed on a hill on the outskirts of town in the 11th century, the basilica still boasts its original pillers and columns.

4. Arzachena

Lovers of archeology will appreciate this historically rich area outside of Olbia. Here is where the megolithic grave of giants lies as well as the neolithic necropolis of Limuriand and a collection of other interesting ruins and sites.

5. Piazza Regina Margherita

After a long day of exploring and traveling around, be sure to spend at least one of your evenings in Olbia lounging around Piazza Regina Margherita, the main central town square. The area is surrounded by cocktail lounges, bars, and seafood/Sardinian restaurants. There are many entertaining street performers to watch in the piazza as well.

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