Things to do in Olbia

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Olbia, one of Sardina’s largest towns and major attractions, is full of historical gems for the traveler willing to spend a little time in this ancient, rich coastal city. Roman and Italian architecture can be spotted everywhere in the city, even at the fish cafes on the ferry port where many travelers arrive. This fine city also features gorgeous churches and restaurants that serve delicious local and international cuisine

The following possibilities are some top activities to consider while visiting Olbia:


You can easily spend a day at the Olbia beaches just wandering around, sunbathing, reading or engaging in one of the many beach activities, such as windsurfing, swimming or snorkeling. Certified guides are available to help and provide instruction. The best of Olbia beaches include the area around the Coasta Smeralda resort. On the Olbia beaches you can find a wide variety of cafes and bars, as well as delicious Italian fare.

Stroll Olbia’s Old Town

Although the town isn’t as popular as the beach, Olbia, once a Greek colony, still has some historical sites worth seeing--most of which can be found in Old Town. Stroll the streets of old town and you’ll see some ancient Roman baths and ancient churches. Most notable is the S. Simplicio Roman Church, made out of granite. The inside features funeral rites from the Middle Ages, historical lines of poetry and sayings meant to honor the dead. In Old Town Olbia you can also see the S. Paolo church, built in the 17th century that features some gorgeous stained glass windows.

Phoenician and Roman Ruins

Not mentioned in most guidebooks, the ruins of Olbia are a little known secret. You can wander just outside the main city center to see ancient Phoenician and Roman ruins. A local guide can help you distinguish between the different ruins, as some also exist from the Roman Era, when Olbia was a very important port for incoming goods. Don’t forget your camera.

Massa Maria Club

After a long day of wandering the streets and beach, head to the Massa Maria Club, Olbia’s top dancing spot for all ages. Rated favorably by travelers, the DJ at Massa Maria spins an interesting mix of top-40 and Italian dance hits. Drinks are cheap and bar food available.



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