Shopping in Olbia

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The primary Olbia shopping districts are located in the north and south of Olbia. If you are looking to do some more tourist-based shopping, the Corso Umberto has a variety of shops and restaurants, interwoven with ancient buildings and landmarks. Olbia shopping hinges around fine Italian goods such as silk blouses and shirts. Some stores in Olbia who sell traditional products include Ottica Priarone, Decandia, and Cfadda.

Street Markets

Every Saturday and Tuesday in Olbia, craftsmen and sellers put together a popular street market. Selling all sorts of goods and crafts, the street markets are an excellent way to get an intimate look into Olbian life and shopping. In addition, you will also find a ton of craftware and basketware, coming from Olbia as well as all of the surrounding Sardinian towns.

Commercial Shops

Olbia shopping has developed in recent years to a point where commercial shops and chain stores have entered the town. Here, narrow streets and ancient corridors are a haven for street vendors selling necklaces and all sorts of smaller items. Boutique shops have also opened up, specializing in Italian designed clothes and shoes.

Airport Shopping

If you cannot wait to shop, there are a bunch of shops and boutiques located in the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. There are shops, both before and after security, that sell items that vary from cheap tourist items to expensive clothes. Although there is no train service from the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, you can ride a taxi cab into the center of town and start your shopping there.

Beachfront Shopping

If you are looking to grab some authentic beach ware, simply walk down the miles of beachfront and check out all of the shops in the area. Be wary of small shops trying to take advantage of tourists and overcharge you for certain novelty items. Many Italian magnets, postcards and Sardinia-based merchandise come at a premium price.

Signature Olbia Shopping Items

Olbia shopping is good all day, although the mornings are rather quiet in the small town. Olbia is famous for olive oil, pecorino cheese and mountain honey. All of these items are available in local stores as well as from the street vendors. Street vendors are willing to negotiate on the price of things so you should make sure to take of the potential bargains that will present themselves in shopping situations.

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