Senior Travel in Olbia

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Guided tours are ideal for mature travelers. If you like Italian food, read on about Olbia Senior Travel, a relaxed and enjoyable gourmet tour to some of the most beautiful regions in and around Olbia.

Barbagia to the Emerald Coast
4 days and 3 nights

Food, wine and scenic vistas await you in Oliena and Dorgali, famous for their wines, cheeses and cuisine. On your guided journey you will eat at restaurants selected for their excellent traditional fare and stay in comfortable hotels chosen for their service and hospitality.

The Traditional Charm of Oliena

From your hotel in Olbia or from the airport, you will travel to the quiet hillsides of Oliena on the first day of your tour. Tradition flourishes here in the cooking and wine making, as well as in the lifestyle of the people.

This small town is surrounded by white limestone hills where the grapes for one of the finest wines of Sardinia–the Cannonau. Dorgali are grown.
Your hotel, Su Gologone, is noted for its scenic views and its fine cuisine, cooked mostly in outdoor ovens. 

The Beautiful Sights, Handicrafts and Wines of Dorgali

After a hearty breakfast, you will head to Serra Orrios, an ancient Nuragic village which boasts the largest and most important ruins of the Bronze Age in Sardinia.

Next is the Grotto of Ispinigoli, an ancient Phoenician temple inside a limestone cavern. Here you’ll see Europe’s tallest stalactite and stalagmite columns.

Lunch at your hotel is a selection of delicious regional specialties, like malloreddus in wild boar sauce, roast suckling pig or roast lamb. The famous locally made Cannonau Dorgali, a strong full-bodied red wine, complements your meal.

You will then visit a vineyard where you can sample newer versions of the wine, including an aged wine perfect for dessert.

As for cheese, look out for the famous Pecorino Sardo. You can make the perfect antipasto with the soft or hard cheese cut into cubes and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  

After this you continue towards Olbia and your hotel for an evening meal.

The Wines of Costa Smeralda (The Emerald Coast)

You will visit a wine cellar and sample locally made wines – Moscato,Vermentino, Cannonau and Chardonnay. Lunch is in a restaurant that specializes in seafood. The mussels in this region are exceptional due to the clean waters of the coast.

After touring Costa Smeralda, a long-time haven for the rich and famous, you will drive to Palau to dine on more traditional fare and seafood.

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