Nightlife and Entertainment in Olbia

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Olbia was inhabited by Greeks and Phoenicians in the 8th century. The word Olbia means ‘happy’ and thus it is also referred to as ‘Happy City.’ The city was destroyed and reconstructed many times throughout its history. Olbia is full of cultural destinations and has many archaeological sites; it's also a place brimming with fun, fashion, shopping and entertainment. The nightlife scene in Olbia is enthusiastic and creates several opportunities for tourists to rub shoulders with the friendly locals.

Fun and Nightlife at Olbia

Olbia is also commonly known as the Gateway to Sardinia. The nightlife here is not monotonous and offers an array of options each day, so it’s very difficult to keep yourself aloof from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many hotels and restaurants have happy hours, which usually go on from 4 pm to 8 pm. Clubbing is very common here, and many quaint bars and pubs are open till the wee hours of morning.

La Tasca

La Tasca is the place for live music. You can enjoy your chilled beer with the upbeat and refreshing live tunes along with an array of drinks. Name any liquor worth its taste, and they have it on their exhaustive list. During weekends, the place becomes more popular because of the theme nights and other special events. La Tasca invites different bands to perform to keep the energy and interest levels of their guests high.


Visitors can go clubbing to hip and happening Capricorno. This is among the biggest clubs of Olbia and a very popular hangout zone with tourists. A must visit place, it offers a fine collection of alcohol and the best of music with a skilled DJ spinning tunes. This club is popular for its chic ambiance and high spirits. Capricorno is open from 11pm to 6 am.


Havana is a super party destination, where you can find the best salsa dancers in town. The club is known for its kitsch appeal and an impressive assortment of cocktails. Another unique feature of Havana are the retro-nights, where some classic old-time tunes are belted out on certain weekdays. Scores of visitors are seen holding their creative cocktails in hand, while trying to shake a leg and do some salsa.

Black Sun

Black Sun is an exclusive, pricey and elite club in Olbia, which has a world-class ambiance adorned with elegant dark teak counters and satin furnishings. Visitors can hobnob with the stylish, well-heeled and who’s who of Olbia at the Black Sun. The food served here is one of the best in the region and they fly in DJ’s of international fame every week to keep their loyal patrons grooving.

Olbia is as happy as its name suggests, and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to living it up and partying the night away with its classic live music bars and high-spirited clubs.

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