Museums in Olbia

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Olbia is an ancient city, filled with a variety of distinct  cathedrals and unique museums. Many of the museums are found within the ancient buildings that make up the city.

Corso Umberto

The Corso Umberto is an ancient street, that has transformed into a busy tourist destination. The street has several churches and cathedrals that also function as museums. In addition to prayer services, many of these churches offer guided tours which help describe the history of the buildings, as well as what is currently stored inside of it. Ancient organs and stained glass windows are on display within these churches.

Archaeological Museum

Located right next to the water in Olbia, you will find Olbia's very own Archaeological Museum. It's the one major museum in Olbia, and as a result, showcases all of the major openings and concerts in town. The museum contains many ancient artifacts, cultivated from Sardinia as well as other parts of Italy. Because the town of Olbia was established in the BC by the Romans, many artifacts from ancient Romans are held within the museum's walls. On weekends, the museum comes alive with music and after hours fun.

Monuments and Streets

Although there are not many major Olbia museums in the region, many of the historical streets contain monuments and old buildings that are worth looking at. Walking along the Porto Romano and into the Piazza Regina Margherita, you will find a variety of monuments, including the Basilica of San Simplicio. Tours are provided in this region on a daily basis.

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