Getting There in Olbia

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Olbia, also known as Terranoa or Tarranoa, is a small town of about 54,000 citizens in the northeastern region of the Sardegna island, which is south of the island of Corsica. Given that Olbia is the most important commercial center of the island and is close to the Costa Smeralda tourist area, getting to Olbia is quite easy.

Getting There by Plane

The Olbia Costa Smeralda International Airport (IATA code: OLB) serves the town of Olbia. This airport houses over 50 different airline companies from all around the world. The routes of public buses number 2 and 10 serve the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport. Also 3 other private bus companies offer travel from and to Olbia to the airport. The airport also offers car rental service.

Getting There by Train

There are 4 train operator in Olbia and they offer tickets ranging between 20 and 50 euros.

Getting There by Car

Driving around the island of Sardegna is quite easy. The main expressway in the island is the SS131 which starts on the northwest town of Porto Torres, passes through the towns of Saniuri, Onstano, Ghilarza, Nuoro, Cagliari, and Budoni, and ends in the town of Olbia. Other important expressways to remember are the E840 to Sassari, the SS127 to Tempio Pausania and the SS125 to Palau.

Getting There by Boat

The passenger port of Olbia Isola Bianca serves the whole island of Sardegna and is located right at Olbia. Also, the Olbia Cost Smeralda is just an easy 5 kilometer drive away from the port.
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