Getting Around in Olbia

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Getting around Olbia is really easy because this 54,000 people town has a surface area of 376 squared kilometers (145 squared miles) and is located on the small island of Sardegna (also known as Sardinia). There are two ways to arrive to Olbia from outside the island and they are by either boat or plane. Either way that you arrive to Olbia, there are three main ways to get around Olbia: by car, by bus or taxi. If you're planning to travel to other towns in Sardegna, you should consider using the train.

Getting Around by Car

Both at the Olbia Costa Smeralda International Airport and at the Olbia Isola Blanca boat terminal, you will be able to find several domestic and international car rental agencies. With over 15 agencies to choose from, you will be guaranteed a fair price. Driving around Olbia is quite easy and you can always use Corso Vittorio Veneto as your main guide. Other important avenues to remember that are perpendicular to Corso Vittorio Veneto are Via Imperia, Via Sassari and Via G. Mameli. Finally one main avenue that runs parallel to Corso Vittorio Veneto is Via Barcellona. If you are planning to drive to other towns in the island, your safest bet is to jump on the SS131 express way which goes around the whole island.

Getting Around by Bus

The Olbia Costa Smeralda International airport is served mainly by bus routes number 2 and 10. These same bus routes will allow you to get around Olbia quite easily. Given the short distances in Olbia, you might consider to take a taxi as well.

Getting Around by Train

Traveling by train in the island is quite cheap with tickets ranging from 20 to 50 euros. The train system in Sardegna is well preserved and offers great scenic views.
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