Festivals in Olbia

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The ancient history of Olbia dates back to the early Romans of the third century BC. As a result, a variety of pagan and religious holidays have come to the forefront of Olbian life. Olbia Festivals are mostly based around the summer months, as well as the winter holiday seasons.


The Romans, who established Olbia in the region of Gallura, celebrated festivals that revolved around the end of the summer and harvest months (September and October). These celebrations are still enjoyed in the city of Olbia today. Although many of these festivals are in celebration of the harvest, there are many that are also based around religious days and events.

Processions of the Saints

Each March, tourists and Olbian natives gather to get involved with the Processions of the Saints. Here, traditional songs are sung and dances are done in honor of the saints. Many of the festivals have traditional Olbian food, which consists of sausage, pork and various boiled dishes. At the end of many of these meals, guests and natives are invited to try local cheeses, as well as dessert pastries and after dinner wines.

Sacred Music Choir Festival

Hosted every year in September by The Lorenzo Perosi choral association, the Sacred Music Choir Festival includes a set program of traditional songs. The festival lasts for 6 days and many choir groups from around the world come out to perform. While the 4 days consist of performances and activities, the last day of the festival concludes with a Sunday mass service and a farewell lunch. Tickets can be purchased in advance, and the Festival usually runs towards the end of September.

Festa Del Bel Canto

The Festa Del Bel Canto is an annual party that takes place in the heart of Olbia in October and is a great place for socializing and merry making. There's a dinner at the Festa Del Bel Canto, as well as dancing and some casual live vocal performances. Refreshments (wine, beer, etc.) are served in addition to the dinner. 

Music Festivals

Although many of Olbia's festivals have religious connotations, Olbia also has several music festivals that take on all different types of artists and music. The Jazzin' Olbia festival is one such, that takes place each August in the center of town. Although this is a relatively new festival, it has been getting a lot of attention within the community of Olbia.

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