Eating Out in Olbia

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Because Olbia is a coastal town, many Olbia restaurants are famous for their seafood. Located in the northeastern portion of Sardinia, Olbia boasts unique and refreshing Italian cuisine that is fully showcased during and around dinnertime.

Traditional Dishes

Although Olbia is known for its seafood, many traditional Olbian dishes hinge around a certain type of meat or sauce. You can try a delicious roast suckling pig at Da Gimmy , or if you are looking for the finest regional wines, you can head to Officina Del Gusto.


One thing you cannot leave Italy without is pasta. Luckily, Olbia has a variety of pasta based restaurants that sell fresh pastas with homeade ragu sauces. Lobster Catalan Style is a famous dish in Olbia that you can grab at any of the restaurants located right on the water. Le Caravella has excellent meat dishes and also cooks Lobster Catalan Style for a reasonable fare.

Street Food/Popular Dining Options

In terms of street food, Olbia is mostly known for its fine dining experiences. Despite this, on the Corso Umberto are several vendors that will give you something delicious to snack on while you peruse the ancient churches and cathedrals in the area. While the Corso Umberto is the main street in Olbia, this does not mean that it is the only place in town to get a decent meal. Many of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Olbia are located a good distance away from the hustle and bustle of the Corso Umberto. Restaurants such as Shergan and Terra Sarda are local spots that are intimate and very accommodating. A word of advice--at these smaller restaurants, the owners and managers of the restaurants appreciate at least an attempt at their native language.

Ristorante Gallura

If you are looking for a small and unpretentious restaurant on the Corso Umberto, the Ristorante Gallura is famous for its fish and meat dishes as well as its fresh local ingredients. Try the mussels laid over a bed of polenta and a fine saffron sauce. The Ristorante Gallura is also known for its excellent sea anemones and first-rate soups. In terms of location, the restaurant is located right on the main Corso Umberto which is less than 1 km from the ocean. This street also has a variety of other restaurants and shops that are excellent to check out during the evening. The only downside to this restaurant is that an average meal will cost you around 40 euros.

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ristorante shergan

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Ristorante accogliente con terrazza all'aperto e ampio parcheggio, in maggioranza la cucina offre piatti a base di pesce ma non manca la carne , ampia la carta dei vini e servizio molto curato.

Il locale si presta molto bene per passare una piacevole serata.









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address:ss 125 km 337
PriceOfMenu:€ 50,00

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