7 Day Itinerary in Olbia

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Olbia is a located in the northeast of Sardinia. Though a small town it is the main connection between the Italian peninsula and Sardinia. The town is a popular tourist destination and has several interesting activities that you can do while vacationing here. The following is a list of things you can do for a week.

Day 1 - Art Galleries

There are several art galleries in Olbia and spending a day to visit some of them is highly recommended. The art galleries include several pieces of contemporary art as well as historical paintings and sculptures. Start early and you will be able to visit quite a few art galleries before sundown.

Day 2 - Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fast becoming a popular form of fitness in many parts of Europe. There are many clubs in and around Olbia that offer horse riding for visitors. Enjoy the fresh air as you ride to some of Olbia’s most beautiful places.

Day 3 - Caving

A day exploring the caves in Olbia is a good idea for those looking for a great outdoor experience. As you spend the day exploring these old caves, remember to take your camera along for some snapshots.

Day 4 - Fishing

Olbia, being a port, offers some great fishing opportunities. You can take a day to sail around Olbia and enjoy sea fishing. Whether you are professional or a first timer, you will really enjoy the sea and its variety of fish.

Day 5 - Trekking

While visiting Olbia you can spend a day trekking at the Terranova Escursioni. Take a backpack, put on your trekking shoes and enjoy one whole day trekking. Remember to take pictures with your camera of all the beautiful sights you come across.

Day 6 - Water Park

Drive down to Aquadream, Olbia’s popular water park, with your family or friends and enjoy the various activities at the park. The park is a great place for a summer vacation and also includes a good restaurant.

Day 7 - Museums

Take a day to visit Olbia’s museums to get a feel of its history and culture. Although there are not many museums, visiting the few that are in town is worthwhile. One especially worth a visit is the archeological museum which houses several pieces from Sardinia and Italy.



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