Olbia Travel Guide

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Olbia is the real "main port" for tourist on Sardinia. It has a big port where the ferries from the Italian mainland arrive and a small airport.

The town itself is not as pretty as the coast around but it does have a few attractions and more facilities than other towns. There are a few internet cafes here, there are a few good italian restaurants and some nice bars and pubs.

Its ancient origins go back to the nuragic age; in days gone by it was colonized by Phoenicians, Punics, Romans and Carthaginians. Due to its fertile hinterland and its strategic position for the trade towards other Mediterranean countries, Olbia became a rich and important town. The ancient history of this town can still be seen today. There us a punic necropolis, old town walls and roman baths. The romanesque church of S. Simplicio, which is fully made of granite and which keeps in the inside a really interesting collection of roman funeral inscriptions is the main sight dating from teh Middle Ages. In the historical centre you should also have a look at the XVII century church of S. Paolo, with its Gallurese style and the many old houses and buildings.

Olbia is also a suitable starting point for exploring the well-known resorts of the Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondoor the island of La Maddalena. Many archological sites are nearby too: the nuragic group of "Cabu Abbas", the holy well of "Sa Testa" and the giants grave of " Su Monte and S’Abe".


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