Carloforte Travel Guide

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Carloforte is the only town on the Isola di San Pietro. Founded a couple of hundred years ago by some Genovese coral fishers who had previously been living for a century or so on the island of Tabarka, just off the coast of Tunisia.

The people of this island are not Sards, but Carlofortinian. Their dialect is an old-fashioned form of Genovese, with vowel sounds that are quite different from standard Italian and more like French.

Almost all the inhabitants of the city are in some form connected to fishing (mostly Tuna) or tourism. Four beautiful trees make the town square a lovely place to sit and relax.

Up on the hill you will find the old town walls and a small museum devoted to the history of the island. Almost all of the 6000 inhabitants of the island live in Carloforte. But many also own one of the small white houses dotted around the rural areas on the island.

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