Getting Around in Sardinia

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The beautiful Italian island of Sardinia is a traveler's paradise. Sardinia is full of historical ruins and beautiful scenery to catch the eyes of visitors. Sardinia is quite small and simple to get around. There are also several Sardinia Transportation options that visitors can take advantage of.


Sardinia does have a network of trains but they are very slow moving. However, this brings the advantage of gazing at the gorgeous landscapes as the float by. The trains are actually so slow that bandits used to rob them, simply boarding them by foot as they passed by. Today, train travel is safe but still slow.


Sardinia has a fairly large system of buses that offers access to most of the points of interest on the island. Visitors will notice that several buses stop in Macomer. There is nothing really of interest there, it just seems to be a favorite place for buses to stop and transfer due to its semi-centralized location on the island.


Ferries make frequent stops at the ports of Porto Torres, Olbia and Cagliari. Those wishing to catch a ferry to Italy will likely have to leave from one of these 3 places. The ferries also take passengers to the smaller islands off the coast of Sardinia.


Sardinia has 2 airports. One is located in the capital city of Cagliari and the other in the port city of Olbia. They offer frequent flights to Italy and other European destinations.

Car Rental

Car rental in Sardinia is easy. Visitors need a licence from their own country or an international license. The roads are of good quality and safe.

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