Festivals in Sardinia

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There’s no shortage of festivals in Sardinia, Italy. In fact, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the options! Some festivals feature local dancing and music, others feature artwork and crafts (to view and/or buy) and others focus on food, sporting events, and annual and religious holidays. The good new is that you can probably find a festival happening almost every month!

Winter Festivals

Sardinia New Years Eve Festival

Head out to the old town city center in Sardinia on New Year’s Eve to catch live music and dance performances. You can also wander down to the waterfront and see fireworks, or sit at an outdoor patio until the wee hours of the morning watching the local dancers pulse in the streets. Many restaurants feature half price drinks and dinner specials. What better way to ring in the New Year?

Sardinia Sea Festival

The Sea Festival goes from January through February, and features dozens of beaches selling sea urchins, crabs, seafood and fish for as much as a few Euro. You can also get wine and bread for half price at some restaurants. The Sardinia beaches that participate in this festival vary every year, so ask your travel guide or check the web beforehand.

Sardinia Equestrian Carnival

In February you can see an all day equestrian race between the best horsemen in all of Italy. Admission is free, and you can purchase food and drink in the stands. A  must see for all horse lovers.

Spring & Summer Festivals

The Artichoke Festival

What’s so attractive about an artichoke festival? Ask the thousands of people who frequent this event annually. Everyone loves savoring the center of a delicious, tasty artichoke. At Sardinia’s Artichoke Festival you can sample a dozen different kinds of artichoke and watch numerous sporting and cultural events, such as horse-riding, dancing and music performances. Occurs annually in March.

Cherry Festival

Similar to the artichoke festival, the cherry festival draws a huge crowd interested in tasting a variety of different cherries. At this festival, occurring every June, you can learn about the region in Italy where cherries grow, meet local cherry farmers and purchase donuts and bread filled with sweet cherry jam.

Fall Festivals

The Sagra Parade

Sardinia’s majestic mountain, the Monte Ortobene, attracts hundreds of visitors every year. If you come in the fall, don’t miss the Sagra Parade where local performers lead a procession up to the top of the hill. From the side of the road, while munching on local snacks, you can watch dancers, musicians and artists perform while walking up a steep hill. Occurs annually in August.

Agricultural Festival

Sardinia’s agricultural festival occurs annually the first week in November. Here you can wander the streets and stalls to buy locally-made crafts, jewelry, art and woodcarved gifts. A great way to promote local businesses.
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