Day Trips in Sardinia

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Although small in size, the island province of Sardina certainly does not lack in sites to see. Sardinia Day Trips are plentiful as well as withing easy reach with the island's size being what it is. Whether you of a resort mentality and wish to bask in the sun or someone who likes to take in the point of interest, Sardinia will have something for you.


Those who enjoy a little history will enjoy a trip to the historical village of Fonni. Fonni is lovely village to explore with its architecture and narrow streets. Fonni is also famous for the many paintings and murals that decorate the town depicting points in the areas history. Local guides are available and will be more than happy to explain the murals in detail. This is recommended as it bring a whole new dimension to the scenery.


With gorgeous scenery and a touch of ancient history, a visit to Tharros is a must while traveling through Sardinia. Tharros is located on the northern promontory of the Gulf of Oristano. They are the ruins of an old Roman port city that was abandoned in A.D. 1000. The magnificent views of the sea and spectacular ruins make this a fantastic day trip for all ages.

Ocean Tribe Windsurfing Center

The Ocean Tribe Windsurfing Center can provide a great day out for parents and children. Lessons are offered for all levels from beginner to professional. All necessary equipment is available for rent. The Ocean Tribe Windsurfing Center is located in Alghero near to the camping beach.


Tiscali is an old Nuraghic village at the top of the Sopramente mountain. Unfortunately not much of the old village still exists today but the climb up the mountain offers some of the most stunning views Sardinia has to offer. Tiscali is actually hidden away in an enormous cave that is also worth exploring. Although nearly in total ruin there is enough left of the site to demonstrate what a strong and determined society once lived there. Take plenty of water and comfortable clothes and the tri is quite exhausting.

La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa Beach makes a great day trip for families as well as singles. The water is crystal clear and the sand comfortable and warm. The current can be strong to the point where the unprepared tourist has been knocked off of his or her feet--so be warned. Arriving early with your own towel and chairs is highly recommended as this beach is popular with locals and visitors.

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