Top 5 Must Do's in Porto Rotondo

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If you are looking for Porto Rotondo must do’s, read on. Porto Rotondo is known for its beaches, but there are a number of other things that you can do besides visiting the beaches.

1. Church of San Lorenzo

This is one of the few architectural interests in Porto Rotondo, and a must-visit attraction for tourists. The Church of San Lorenzo is famous for its resemblance of an overturned hull. But it isn’t only the exteriors that make this church so fascinating. The church of San Lorenzo plays home to around 200 wooden sculptures that depict different holy scenes. These sculptures are the work of famous Italian artist Mario Cerioli, who spent more than seven years to decorate and furnish the interiors of the Church of San Lorenzo.

2. La Marinella Beach

Whether you want to sunbathe, experience several kinds of water activities, or just relax on one of Porto Rotondo’s beautiful beaches, visiting the La Marinella Beach is a must. The beach is approximately 4 km from the main center of Porto Rotondo and measures over a kilometer in width. Turquoise blue waters and fine white sand are the main characteristics of La Marinella Beach. The beach has a range of water sports that visitors can enjoy. It also has wheelchair access facilities, bars and restaurants, which make it ideal for all kinds of visitors.

3. Piazza San Marco

Also known as St Mark’s Square, this is another place tourists must visit when holidaying in Porto Rotondo. The square can be found in the heart of this seaside resort. Piazza San Marco has a sculpture in the center of the square that points to the north of Porto Rotondo. Walking around the small narrow streets in this square will give tourists an idea of the kind of squares that were found in old times. One of the best places to see in Piazza San Marco is its harbor, which shelters all kinds of boats, right from small wooden ones to large luxury yachts.

4. Punta Asphodel

Another beach that tourists must visit in Porto Rotondo is Punta Asphodel. This beach is much smaller compared to La Marinella and is very close to Ira Beach. Punta Asphodel is a popular beach among wind surfers, as it has sparkling blue waters and white sand. Located in the Gulf of Cugnana, this beach also has ideal visitor facilities like bars, cafes and restaurants close by.

5. Granite Amphitheatre

Tourists who are interested in architecture must check out the granite amphitheatre. The structure is more like an open-air theatre, and was also designed by Italian sculpture Mario Cerioli. The main characteristic of this amphitheater is that it has been built entirely from granite and follows the Roman and Greek models. The structure has a wooden stage with a semi-circular in design and is capable of holding around 700 people.

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