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Entering Porto Rotondo evokes a reminiscent feeling; it reminds you of your very first trip to an art museum. This picturesque village lies on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. This bustling vacation spot includes a variety of restaurants cooking up any possible cuisine imaginable, abundant and gorgeous beaches, and exclusive shops and boutiques. Walking through the village, you encounter the small shopping areas, or squares, which make the Porto Rotondo shopping experience so unique. Porto Rotondo is wonderful for a sun-filled vacation during the summer, but for those who do not like crowds, Porto Rotondo is the ultimate shopping destination during the off-season. Here is a guide on Porto Rotondo Shopping.

Piazza Quadra

Piazza Quadra is located at the heart of Porto Rotondo. Within it you can find the Porto Rotondo Gardens, an expensive timeshare community that is full of traditional Mediterranean villas that make Italy such a memorable vacation spot. Additionally, Piazza Quadra is a vibrant shopping center, boasting exclusive brands such as Versace, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Marni. No matter what your tastes are when it comes to high fashion, you will find something in Piazza Quadra.

Piazza Kasbah

Getting to this beautiful shopping center, which is situated on the bay from which Porto Rotondo was named, is an adventure all in itself.  From the harbor, you journey through constricted, narrow streets. Along the way, you will see many small shops and boutiques, and once you actually get to Piazza Kasbah, many more name brand stores await you.

Piazza San Marco

Shops and restaurants surround Piazza San Marco, and it is located right on the harbor, making it a wonderful place to sit and gaze out on the beautiful deep emerald waters. Piazza San Marco is a favorite destination of yacht enthusiasts, because many boaters seek shelter and relaxation in the breathtaking harbor area.

Porto Rotondo is a first-rate vacation destination. Although it contains a wide array of beautiful beaches, art, and delicious cuisine, Porto Rotondo is extremely popular among shopping enthusiasts. Boasting brands like Gucci, DKNY, and Cesare Attolini, travelers from all over the world come to this remarkable village to satisfy their shopping urges. Some stores are more expensive than others, and for those who are in Porto Rotondo for the beaches and relaxation, window-shopping is a less expensive alternative (yet unsatisfying for the shopaholic). Porto Rotondo is a picturesque Italian town that is the quintessential image of what Mediterranean life is like.

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