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The beautiful Emerald Coast, or "Costa Smeralda" in Italian, is a popular destination in Northern Saridinia, and its town of Porto Rotondo is a favorite hang-out spot of not only celebrities but also of politicians. Despite a hectic social life, Porto Rotondo museums and archeological sites are also a major attraction. Make sure to visit these 2 must-see attractions.

Church of San Lorenzo

This church is easy to spot because it looks like an overturned hull, which makes it inviting to explore. Not only will you find yourself admiring the exterior but also the interior, because this church houses several dozen sculptures in wood and metal. Most sculptures depict in great detail passages and scenes from the Holy Bible. Several Italian artists such as Mario Ceriolli worked on the Church of San Lorenzo. While photography is allowed, make sure to turn off the flash of your camera. After your visit to the Church of San Lorenzo, you will be just a few steps away from beautiful Piazza San Marco, which was designed by the sculptor Andrea Cascella.

Mario Ceroli Granite Amphitheater

Architecture and photography enthusiasts will find themselves delighted by the outdoor granite amphitheater located just a short walk from Porto Rotondo's downtown area. The heavy granite was worked with such great of detail into the semi-circular shape of the amphitheater, one has to wonder how it was possible to achieve such exact shapes and angles in such a hard material. The architects Gianfranco Fini and Marina Sotgiu lead the construction project in the 1980's. This amphitheater has a maximum capacity of 700 guests, and it hosts a few outdoor plays during the summer season.


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