Getting There in Porto Rotondo

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A Porto Rotondo getting there guide can facilitate your travel to Saridinia and Costa Smeralda. From your country, you can fly to Olbia or take a ferry from Livorno. From there, you proceed to Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda.

Land Travel

From the airport of Olbia, you can travel by land. The most recommended method is to rent a car from the airport. You can now drive through the countryside to Costa Smeralda into Porto Rotondo. If you are on a tight budget and prefer to drive yourself, then you should possess good driving skills so you can maneuver through the sometimes narrow and winding road to the village of Porto Rotondo. Along the road, you will encounter various scenic places and interesting fishing villages and snorkeling spots. You may want to have a closer view of the surroundings by having occasional stops at designated places.

Hiring a driver who is used to these roads is the best option. If you are a constant visitor to the place, then on your own would mean more adventures. Traveling by road to Porto Rotondo is, however, the best way to go because of the numerous learning experiences it can provide. A tourist’s visit will not be complete without a ride through these world-renowned, windy roads to this quaint little Italian village.

Ferry Travel

Ferry travel is an option. If you want to splurge, then renting a yacht can be great idea. You also will surely enjoy your trip to Porto Rotondo if you choose to take a ferry.

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