Beaches in Porto Rotondo

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Porto Rotondo beaches are known for their clean waters and sporting activities. Here is a list of popular Porto Rotondo beaches that you can visit in this city.

Marinella Beach

This is the largest and most popular beach in Porto Rotondo. Located about four km from the main city, this beach lies on the northeast of Sardinia’s coast. Marinella Beach caters to all kinds of visitors. The beach has fine white sand that stretches for more than a km and clear blue water. It is the best place for visitors looking for water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling and diving. Marinella Beach also offers visitors rubber dingy and sailing boat rentals. Despite the water sporting activities, this beach is relatively quite, providing an ideal place for those who simply want to lie back and soak up some sun. The beach is also equipped with a restaurant, bar, hotel, wheelchair access and camping facilities.

Spiaggia Ira Beach

Another Porto Rotondo beach that tourists must visit is Spiaggia Ira Beach, which is located at Punta Nuraghe. Spiaggia Ira Beach is about one km from the center of Porto Rotondo. This beach divides the Proto Rotondo Gulf from the Gulf of Cugnana. Spiaggia Ira Beach consists of a fine white sandy shore with emerging rocks in some places. This makes Ira Beach one of the most beautiful in the world. In fact, it is a preferred destination for many VIPs. Spiaggia Ira Beach is perfect for families with children and those looking for a quiet place to relax. Spiaggia Ira Beach has a bar, restaurant and hotel to cater to its numerous visitors.

Spiaggia dei Sassi e delle Alghe

Also known as the "beach of stones," this is a small yet beautiful beach that tourists must visit on their trip to Porto Rotondo. The beach mostly consists of fine small pebbles, but it also has some sand. Spiaggia dei Sassi e delle Alghe has turquoise and crystal clear water that makes it ideal for swimming. This beach is usually less crowded compared to other Porto Rotondo beaches because of its shoreline. As it is located at the end of Porto Rotondo’s main lane, tourists can easily reach it by car.

Beach of Punta Volpe

This is another popular beach close to the city that tourists can visit. The beach of Punta Volpe is located just outside the city of Porto Rotondo. White sand, rocks between Mediterranean scrub and sparkling water are the characteristics of Punta Volpe Beach. Visitors can easily see the coves and bays developing in the area from the beach. Punta Volpe Beach also offers a wonderful view of the Soffi and Mortorio islands.

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