Porto Cervo Travel Guide

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The destination of he international jet set. It also is the most famous, smart and society centre of Sardinia, endowed with a well equiped Navy. One can choose among the many beautiful beaches and small islands with their crystal-clear water.


Porto Cervo is a popular tourist attraction in Italy. This Porto Cervo travel guide will provide tourists with information that will be of immense use when visiting this Italian village. Porto Cervo is actually a seaside resort which is located north of Sardinia. It is also the main center of Costa Smeralda, one of the most prominent tourist areas in Gallura. It is located in the heart of the Emerald Coast and is usually visited by the rich and famous. But over the last few years, a number of people who have been looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday have begun visiting this small Italian village.


Porto Cervo is a resort that originally started in the 1960s. The village was designed by Luigi Vietti, the famous Italian artist. The architecture of this popular summer spot consists of traditionally-styled low-rise Mediterranean buildings.

You will find a number of dry stone wall villas, multi-colored buildings and perfectly-kept gardens around the place. The village also has a beautiful center, called the Piazzetta and narrow hilly roads. There are also several developments around the village, but these are purpose-built extensions, private villas and self-contained hotels.


Porto Cervo is ideal for tourists who are looking for a sophisticated holiday with comprehensive sporting activities and stunning scenery. Accommodations all over the village are mostly four- and five-star hotels. This makes the village better suited for upmarket older families and couples. There aren’t any beaches in Porto Cervo. Instead, there is a little sand near the harbor. But tourists can find sandy bays to the north and south of this heavily indented coast. Porto Cervo does offer water sports like windsurfing, diving and sailing. Golf and tennis are other sporting activities that tourists can enjoy in the village. Tourists can also opt for boat excursions to the weirdly-shaped rocks and prehistoric tombs near the town of Arzachena.

The Piazzetta

This is the most crowded area in Porto Cervo and is popular among both locals and tourists alike. The Piazzetta consists of numerous jewelers, fashion outlets and boutiques like Cartier, Gucci and Bulgari. You can also find a number of eateries, snack bars and grills around the Piazzetta and beachfront. These cater to tourists, but they can be expensive according to Sardinian standards. This is also the best place to come for entertainment at the night as you can find many cafés, bars and restaurants that provide live music and a wonderful atmosphere to unwind. For a more exuberant nightlife, tourists will have to try one of the four-or five-star hotels around the village.

Porto Cervo has two harbors, the old port (Porto Vecchio) and the new harbor. Porto Vecchio is located towards the south-eastern side of the village. The new one has the latest infrastructure to cater to international marine traffic.

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