Budget Travel Ideas in Sardinia

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Sardinia isn't known to visitors as a place where you can travel through on a shoestring. Several areas of Sardinia are resort towns and cater to tourists. Although not a cheap country, it is far from a fortune to see the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Those with a keen eye and determination will find the best in Sardinia Budget travel.

Budget Accommodation

Sardinia does offer several options for budget accommodation. There are several hotels starting at about the 3 star range that offer rooms for as little as $60 per night. Time of the year and season will vary. Typically, 3 star hotels in Sardinia are very comfortable. They are clean and offer a wide range of amenities including television, Internet access, swimming pools and multi-lingual staff members. Although $60 per night may not be cheap for some, what you receive in return makes the stay worth the extra money.

There are several hostels around Sardinia that offer basic but comfortable accommodation. The quality will vary highly, often reflecting the price of the stay. For example, the Aloe B and B charges $28 per night and operates like a small hotel. It's close to the beach and city center. Then there is the Hotel Margaritia del Sur, which offers rooms starting at $8 per night. The rooms are clean but very basic. If all you want is a place to sleep that is near the sea, this is perfect.

Budget Eating

You don't have to pay large amounts of money to eat inexpensively in Sardinia. Some tips on eating cheap are to locate the pasta and pizza places. Most towns have little hole in the wall cafes and restaurants that the locals will frequent. These offer great tasting food at very reasonable prices. An added advantage is that several of these are family owned and operated, so the food is cooked to order. Italians enjoy a large lunch and a light dinner. A money saving tip is to load up at lunch time. Restaurants charge the same and often less money for a lunch time meal.

Another budget tip that will stretch money even further is to self cater. Buying food and preparing it yourself will cost a fraction of what it does in restaurants. To add to the pleasure, Sardinia has some of the best fresh food markets in Europe. The market in Cagliari is known throughout Italy for its high quality fresh fish. Cheese, eggs and other food items are available, as well as other meats. Purchasing food here can feed a family for less than 10 euros.

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