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Masseria Incantalupi

Masseria Incantalupi


The main reason why you end up in Brindisi is because you want to catch the ferry between either Italy and Greece or Italy and Albania. The town has a few interesting sights that will make your waiting hours for the departure of the next ferry more pleasant. Check out the Roman columns and the several churches. Or maybe two of its ‘famous’ former residents (Al Bano and Romina Power) may entertain you with some music.

Interrailers should get a ticket (for the ferry to Greece) for free. Beware of scams and of the fact that during the off season the ferries don’t leave that frequently.

The old reason to visit Brindisi might have been just to pass through but Brindisi, despite what travel books may say is a fascinating town with a beautiful harbour which majestically sweeps around the town. There are many historical memories like Frederick's Swabian castle or the Araganese castle at the harbour entrance,or the column at the end of the Appian way or the place where Virgil passed away,or the well where crusaders watered their horses, or the unique Romanesque church of Maria Casale, not to mention the historic town centre with its cathedral, museums etc.

Apart from this Brindisi is girted by interesting towns like San Vito de Normanni and Carovigno with their own rich history.

And all around and nearby are attractive olive groves, vineyards and transparent ,aquamarine stretches of sea.

Yes, Brindisi is a city to be visited in its own right. It has its own character and warmth and is not just a town en passant. 


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