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Domodossola, the ancient Oscela  Lepontiorum of the Gallia Cisalpina, is situated on the River Toce and surrounded by the Lepontine Alps. The city ( about 19.000 inhabitants)has a very old origin: it was founded before Roman Age by the Leponzis. In the 12 B.C, the city was under the Roman Empire .
The Roman empire fallen (476) Domodossola was invaded by Barbarian, afterwards followed   by the Franks of Charles the Great, later began the rule of the Bishops of Novara. 

According to the tradition in the 917 Berengario I would have granted the weekly market, that is still held today on Saturday in Domodossola, attracting tourists and people from   the valleys . A memory plate is located in the Market place.

In 1906,the railway Tunnel of the Sempione was brought to end, an important work for the economy of the Valley, which connects it to Switzerland . The Tunnel begins in Iselle di Trasquera and is 19.924 ms long, one of the longest in the world. At the opposite side is Brig, in the Wallis of German language.

In the Second World War, Domodossola was the centre of an area free from the Nazi occupation during two months (Republic of the Ossola-september/october 1944). The city has been awarded for this a gold Medal.

The most interesting part in the city is the historical centre with the Market place, the Briona street with its old Tower and the historical district of the Motta with its medieval streets. To visit is the Sacred Calvary Mountain , out of the historical centre, where we found the Church on the hill and a path with the Chapels of the Way of the Cross. On the top, there is a great cross that is being lighted up in the night, visible far away.

A lawn in the proximities was place, September 23 rd 1910, of the landing, unfortunately tragic, of the first across flyer of the Alps , the Peruvian Jorge Chavez, who lost his life when he had already reached the arrival of its adventure. A cippus remembers the history and a square of the city is dedicated to the aviator. The airport of Lima , in Peru , has token his name and a park of the same city was named after the city of Domodossola .

Centre of the Ossola valleys and of the convergent roads from every direction, Domodossola is a place of passage and destination of many tourists and above all the Swiss that come with the train to shop.

In the Italian spelling ,Domodossola is the D.


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