Nightlife and Entertainment in Italy

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If you are looking for Lago Maggiore nightlife, then expect an Italian nightlife experience. This picturesque lake is bordered by two countries - Italy and Switzerland. It is surrounded by small villages that reside along the coastline of the lake. The lake is made up of several islands, namely Borromean Islands, Castelli di Cannero, Isolino Partegora and Brissago Islands.

There are many things to do and see in Lago Maggiore, however, the lake has more to offer than just historical ruins and natural scenes. After dark, this calm lake transforms to a vibrant and entertaining destination.


Lago Maggiore has a wide array of nightclubs and bars that cater to all types of guests. Most of the nightclubs in Lago Maggiore have views of the lakes while others are hidden. Some of the more popular nightclubs in the area include Sandokan in Gravellano Toce, La Selva in Ghiffa and La Rocca in Arona.

La Rocca is a modern and cosmopolitan nightclub that features several rooms each with its own theme. The La Discoteca is a favorite hang out place for guests wanting to dance all night. There is also the Main Room and the Second Room, where people can hang out and relax. There are also suites available for small, private parties. On the other hand, La Selva is a restaurant and club situated in Ghiffa.

Dining Out

There are several excellent restaurants in Lago Maggiore. Most of the restaurants in the area serve local dishes that feature local ingredients including fish from the lake. One of the known restaurants in Lago Maggiore is Piemontese. This famed restaurant is located in the center of Stresa. The Piemontese features an intimate, yet home-like atmosphere serving Piedmont cuisine. They also feature a small but wonderful wine list.

In Verbania, check out a simple osteria serving great food called Il Boccon di Vino. Travelers who prefer to dine quietly may also want to go at the Lo Scalo, which is situated in the main square of the lake in Cannobio.

Pubs, Bistros and Bars

Travelers who prefer to have a drink or two while relaxing can have their pick from the many pubs, bistros and bars scattered among the different municipalities on the lake. These bars often serve local wines together with local cuisines.


There are also several cafes situated along Lake Maggiore. These cafes serve authentic Italian coffee and, for an after dinner treat, some also serve Italian pastries as well.

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