When to Go in Lombardia

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Visiting the Lombardia region in Northern Italy

Weather Conditions

When planning a visit to Lombardia, when to go depends on what you plan on doing. If you’d like to visit the cities and their museums and historical centers, you should opt for May, June, September or October. The summer is too hot for sightseeing, and the winter is cold and grey. Spring is when most cities begin to come alive with festivals, outdoor music, and food.

Summer is a good time if you wish to go hiking or biking in the Alps. If you go biking along one of the many bike routes in the Padana plains, you should go during cooler months, because the plains become very humid in the summer.

Peak Seasons

Lake Como and Lake Garda are enjoyable during the summer but very crowded as well. If you are at the Northern part of the lakes, the nights can be chilly even in the summer. Prices everywhere and for everything are higher in the summer, the peak being August. Most Italian families vacation in August, so if you can’t avoid that month, make sure you make hotel reservations ahead of time.

Mantova has great festivals starting in late April and lasting through late September. Milano has events throughout the year. Summertime is also when you can catch small town festivals, which usually include traditional Italian bands and local food.

The deadest and coldest months are January and February. If you don’t mind cold and snow and just want to see the historical sights, winter is a good time to save money.

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