Sights in Lombardia

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Lombardy, also known as Lombardia, is a unique region of Italy which does not have any ocean shoreline. Alpine peaks and the magnificent Lake Como define its northern boundary; River Ticino marks its western border. This place is replete with rivers and plain lands. At times one may find these vast plains a little monotonous but it has places that outshine any snow-capped Alpine peaks or Sicily beaches in terms of beauty. Lombardia Sights offer natural parks, waterfalls, river islands, great medieval castles and small beautiful Italian towns.

Lago Maggiore and Stresa

Lago Maggoire, famed as the second largest lake of Italy, is a beautiful Pre-Alpine lake. The pleasant climate all through the year helps grow Mediterranean vegetation. This area has an assortment of unique types of flowers and plantations. Stresa is a beautiful town along the lake shore. The weather is great throughout the year and this place is full of colorful flora and fauna. The beauty of this place is vastly enhanced by the sight of Borremeo Islands on the lake and the great Alpine peaks in the backdrop. The ropeway ride leading to the top of the mountain will give you a breathtaking vista of the sprawling town below.

Borromeo Islands

Named after the wealthy Borromeo family, this place is a congregation of three islands namely Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Isola Madre, being the most green among the three, has a stunning botanical garden. There is also a beautiful house of the Borromeos which was built in 1590. Isola Bella is the most beautiful of the three islands. The huge palatial building situated on this island was built by Carlo III Borromeo himself in fond memory of his beloved wife Isabella D’Adda. Constructed in baroque style, this ancient edifice is one of the most beautiful structures in all of Lombardy. Isola Pescatori is totally different from the other two. It is an island of fishermen. There is a small village on this island still carrying the lifestyle of the medieval times.


Milan, Lombardia’s capital, is one of the biggest cities of Italy. The city has it all when it comes to different architectural forms pertaining to different ages. On one side of the city you will find avenues after avenues replete with 19th century apartments, on the other side you will find some beautiful Romanesque style cathedrals like Sant'Ambrogio. The castle Sforza will take you back to 15th century and the Gothic style church Santa Maria de la Graza with its well-preserved Leonardo da Vinci’s famous fresco Supper from the Renaissance period will take your breath away. 


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