Practical Information in Lombardia

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What to know when in Lombardia

If you plan on traveling to Northern Italy, here is some Lombardia practical information you should know. 


The currency used in Lombardia is the Euro, just like in the rest of Italy. ATM machines are available in all cities and most towns. Credit cards are being accepted in more and more places, but it's a good idea to check beforehand. Money can be exchanged at banks, airports and some train stations in larger cities.


The Italian used in Lombardia is very clear and understandable. You can use English at hotels and restaurants where international tourists are common, but don't expect to hear English in smaller towns. Most historic sites will have English speaking guides available. All students learn English in grade school, so a teenager might be a better person to ask for directions rather than an older person.

Local Culture

The people in Lombardia are generally polite, but sometimes reserved. They will help you if you ask them for information, but are not likely to strike up a conversation upon their own initiative. 

Tipping in Italy is not mandatory. Usually, people leave a small tip if the table is large or has particular requests. In this case the bill would be rounded up to tens. Remember that restaurants don't serve tap water, so you must pay for bottled water, and there are no free refills on soda.

Italians don't stand in lines, they instead huddle around whatever it is they're waiting for. If someone gets in front of you, it's all right to say something, however, and claim your spot.

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