Malpensa Airport

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This is the biggest airport of Milan. There are three Milan Airports so be sure you know which one you are landing at. Then there are two Terminals so make sure you know which Terminal you are landing at. Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. There is a free 24 hour shuttle bus that leaves every 20 minutes between the two Terminals.

If you have an early morning plane leaving Malpensa then be sure you get there two hours ahead of take-off time. Stay in a hotel 3 minutes nearby, the night before, and use their shuttle bus to the airport. Eliminate transportation problems that cause you to miss your plane. (Strikes, traffic accidents, traffic blocked up, rush-hour traffic.)

The Airport is 50 kilometres from the center of Milan. You can get to the center of Milan, or connect directly to other cities by various means of transportation: train, bus, taxi, helicopter or rental car depending on your needs.

There are two trains to Milan City: Malpensa Express = Ferrovie Nord Milano which leaves from the lower ground level in Terminal 1 every 30 minutes and takes 40 minutes to get to Cadorna Train Station in Piazzale Cadorna.

The second train to Milan City is the "Trenitalia" which goes through the town of Gallarate. Check out Trains.


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