Bars and Cafes in Milan

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Dining out in Milan is undoubtedly an awesome experience as it houses some of the world’s classiest, and most exciting bars and cafés. Whether you’re on the look out for a romantic dining getaway or prefer a traditional and lively Milanese dining, you’ll find a wide array of bars and cafés to choose from!

Bar Tender

If it’s a chic, cozy, and comfortable and a “neighborhood bar” is what you’re looking for, then Bar Tender should be your first pick. A regular drink out here will cost you anywhere between €5.50 to €7, and €8 for jumbo gulps. Known for its prompt service and a customer-friendly staff, offering an assortment of pizza, pasta and focaccia, the menu chart at Bar Tender is legendary.

Radetzky Café

Gulp down a peg at an average of €8, and help yourself at the famous buffet serving all the rudiments of a typical aperitivo spread. For those who wish to experience the finesse of a Milanese dinner, you ought to pay a visit out here! Looked upon as one of the modish and posh bars-cum-cafeteria in Brera, Radetzky Café is certainly a “place to see and be seen”.

Caffè Miani Zucca in Galleria

Unlike the other contemporary bars and cafés in the city, the Zucca reminds its visitors the fashionable restaurant that it was during the golden days of aperitivo. Trendy yet classic, conservative décor, plain and simple food teamed up with original aperitivo drinks is what best defines the café.

Some other notable bars and cafes are the Slice, G- Lounge, B4, Beige, Good Fellas and Biffi.


During your stay in Milan you may wish to go out for pre-supper cocktails dinner or an aperitif or just a plain and simple snack. Whatever your choice may be, Milan bars and cafés are out there to cater to your every single need and preference. Typical Milan snack and food bars embrace such delicacies as “Panini sandwiches and tramezzini” and other Italian specialties like pastas and pizzas, well-made salads and special Italian cheeses, and yummy pastries and croissants are the best treats offered in the Milan cafés.


Prices are likely to vary depending on the way you are being served – one can have a self-serve at the bar, order an entire table for yourself or be a customer who is being waited upon.

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